Alex's Family Restaurant

Alex’s Family Dining (Three Locations) – Review

Hello Divettes, I have to tell you about a restaurant that Suse, Gini and I went to recently. It is called Alex’s Family Dining. There are 3 locations, Rochester Hills, Berkeley and the one we went to in Clinton Township. We went to the location on Gratiot Ave, just south of 16 Mile Rd/Metro Parkway, in Clinton Township, which is their newest location.

Alex's Family Dining
Alex’s Family Dining

Suse went to this location recently and suggested we do a review. We got there at about 4pm on Friday night, and they had a good showing so we were happy that they had a crowd. We took a while to order because we wanted to look over the menu and, of course, we wanted to visit with each other. Our waitress was in a hurry to take our order, and we had to tell her we weren’t ready a few times.  She seemed a little agitated. The place had empty booths, so we assumed we didn’t have to rush.  Suse and I looked at the menu, and we knew exactly what we wanted. She decided to order the Strawberry Chicken Salad with Greek Dressing and it came with a soup so she chose Clam Chowder ( I got to taste it and it was delicious). The salad came with grilled chicken, feta cheese, strawberries, walnuts, mandarin oranges, mushrooms and mixed greens ( Med $8.59 & Lg $9.57).

Alex's Restaurant
Alex’s Spinach Pie
Alex's restaurant
Strawberry Chicken Salad

I decided to order my favorite, Spinach Pie & Rice Pilaf ($8.99). Gini was all into the Chicken Strips that was served with choice of potato. She decided on french fries for her potato ($8.99). We received a bread basket before our food came. The bread was amazing and there were oyster crackers for Suse to have with her soup. The food came pretty quickly and I was impressed with my spinach pie (it was huge) and it was as good as it looked. I saw Suse’ salad and it was fresh and bright looking and the fruits made it pretty. Gini was happy with her chicken strips, they were hot and cooked perfectly.

Alex's Meatloaf
Baked Meatloaf Dinner
Alex's Chicken
Roast Turkey Dinner

They have a great menu to choose from: breakfast, salads, burgers to Greek specialties (Shish Kabab, Gyro and of course my Spinach Pie.) They also have an Italian Cuisine from Baked Mostaccioli, Lasagna, Ravioli and Veal, and Pork or Chicken Parmesan. If you want a nice steak or pork chops they have that on the menu, too.  The Baked Meatloaf and Roast Turkey dinners are excellent.   The breakfast choices on the menu looked inviting, and on a previous visit, Suse tried, and loved, the Stuffed French Toast ($5.69).

Alex's Slim Jim
Stuffed French Toast with Cream Cheese and Blueberry Filling
Alex's REstaurant
Chicken Salad on a Croissant Bun

I have to tell you we were tempted to order dessert (hot fudge cream puff with Sanders products, giant banana splits, shakes, pies, cheese cakes, and rice pudding). The restaurant was clean and bright. We were very happy with our choice to eat here. I think Pork Chops are on the menu for my next visit.

Alex's Restaurant
Alex’s Interior (all booth seating)
Alex's Family Dining
Alex’s Family Dining Entrance

Alex’s is all-booths seating, with several seats at the counter. (After another visit today, we noticed that there is one aisle that has four tables that are half-booths.  These could be pushed together if you have a larger group.)  This location was small and cozy, the food was amazing and portions were generous. There was a separate menu with that day’s specials, both for lunch and dinner. The specials’ menu items are all inclusive with choice of potato, and salad, soup or coleslaw. Dessert is included with the dinner specials. The pricing is in the moderate range.  It is family-owned.  Alex is the uncle and many of the staff were family.

With three locations, this Alex’s Family Dining is located at 36566 S. Gratiot, in Clinton Township, (586) 477-1160.  They have a large carry-out menu, and we noticed they served as many carry out meals as they did customers who came inside to eat.  We all decided to give Alex’s Family Dining, four Divas.  I do feel that our waitress should have been a little friendlier.  That is the only reason we didn’t rate it the Five Divas for this is one of our new favorites.

We rated this four DIVAS.
We rated Alex’s four DIVAS.