Famous Dave's Roseville

Famous Dave’s BBQ in Roseville, MI, – Review

The Undercover Divas needed to try out some BBQ.  Off we went to Famous Dave’s BBQ in Roseville, MI.  We have visited this country-style restaurant a few years ago, and when the quality of the food started to go south, we were gone.  It was nice to discover the quality has returned.

Famous Dave's
Famous Dave’s Platter

We arrived a few hours past the dinner hour on a Friday night.  People were waiting everywhere, outside, inside on benches, and just standing around.  The place has lots of tables and booths and all were not taken.  Hostess seemed to be confused on how to make things work.  The bar area was hopping and full of happy TGIF patrons watching the Detroit Tigers baseball game on the surrounding televisions.  When we were finally seated, our server came over almost immediately, and cheerfully went over the menu and took our orders.  Then we waited and waited.  It took forever for the food to come out of the kitchen.  It was quickly placed on our table by a kitchen worker, and then no contact at all throughout the dinner.

Famous Dave's Ribs Dinner and Sauces
Famous Dave’s Ribs Dinner and Sauces
Famous Dave's Half Slab Dinner with Sides
Famous Dave’s Half Slab Dinner with Sides

The food was very impressive. It’s a great place to pig out on some great BBQ ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chicken and lots of other choices.  The ribs, chicken, etc. had a seared crispy outside and a tender, juicy, fall-off-the-bone quality.  We Divas all agreed that the ribs were our choice and they are best ordered without sauce.  There is an impressive assortment of BBQ signature sauces on each table that are delicious.

Famous Dave's Lobby
Famous Dave’s BBQ, Lobby

Rib dinners are ordered by how many ribs you want.  They come with a corn muffin and a choice of two sides.  Wilbur beans, corn on the cob, Mac and cheese, coleslaw, garlic mashed potatoes, waffle fries, and broccoli (my personal favorite), were some of the choices.  We each ordered the half-slab, had enough extra to take home for another meal, and our individual bills were all under twenty dollars.

Famous Dave's "Detroit Tigers" Fans
Famous Dave’s “Detroit Tigers” Fans

Luckily our food was great, and we did not need anything.  Our rib choices were all perfectly done and very delicious.  The sides are smaller than they used to be, but very good.  Two of us substituted a baked potato with the “works” for a side for $1.75 more.  It was well worth the extra cost.  The ribs were perfect, but the sides are shrinking and the wait staff was stretched too thin to give this more than a three-diva rating.  Famous Dave’s is located on 13 Mile, east of Gratiot, in Roseville, MI.

We rated this three DIVAS.
We rated this three DIVAS.