Ms. Mary's and Pete Too!

Introducing Ms. Mary’s and Pete Too! in Clinton Township, MI – REVIEW

The Undercover Divas have been watching one of our favorite restaurants in Clinton Township, MI, for new owners. We liked it when it was Yorgos, and really liked the next owner, Dimitri’s Cafe. But recently, they left and the place was sold. A few days ago we noticed new owners, the sign announced Ms. Mary’s and Pete Too! We had to try!

Ms. Mary's and Pete Too!
Ms. Mary’s and Pete Too!

What we found was an establishment combining fine dining and casual dining. Ms. Mary’s has a casual dining menu that includes a wide variety of comfort foods, along with a selection of appetizers, salads, sides and desserts. For the casual diner, the emphasis is on value, generous portions, and speed of service, rather than the fine dining approach of presentation. Along with this menu, we were given a one page menu for the fine dining experience. The fine dining menu was focused on an ethnicity that changes every day. We were there for the Polish experience.

The inside of Ms. Mary’s has been transformed to an atmosphere comparable to restaurants in New York City’s midtown. There is a piano located in the dining room and a piano player/singer named Liz, on Friday and Saturday evenings. We came for lunch and felt like we should have dressed up, but noticed all the other diners were also dressed casually, with several children in attendance.

Ms. Mary's and Pete Too! Interior
Ms. Mary’s and Pete Too! Interior

I ordered off the fine dining menu, done European style. For one price ($12.99) I chose from the different groups. Note: The dinner price was a few dollars more. It was Polish themed, and there was a Polish combination plate available, but I decided to order the salmon. I had the loaded salad, best ever, and the main course, the poached salmon. From the other choices, I picked mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes. The salmon was expertly prepared with a dill cream sauce. My last choice was from the dessert section. I chose the wonton chocolate kisses, tasty. Our food was prepared to order and served on fine china, with white tablecloths on every table, along with a single red rose in a vase. Portions were small, but there were so many levels of food that I had plenty to eat.

The other Diva ordered from the casual dining main menu and was very pleased with her choice. She had the hot turkey sandwich ($6.75), served with mashed potatoes, gravy, soup and vegetable. The casual dining menu contains lots of pitas, wraps, quesadillas, Greek specialties and Italian favorites. Fresh smoothies are on the menu for $3.49. There is available fresh squeezed (daily) juices: carrot, apple, orange and grapefruit. Burgers, homemade soups and all types of salads, are just a few of the many items available on the menu.

Ms. Mary's and Pete Too! - Hot Turkey Sandwich
Ms. Mary’s and Pete Too! – Hot Turkey Sandwich
Ms. Mary's and Pete Too! - Poached Salmon
Ms. Mary’s and Pete Too! – Poached Salmon

Ms. Mary’s and Pete too!, is open 7 days a week and is located at 34010 S. Gratiot (South of 15 Mile) in the Charter Township of Clinton. They open at 7am for the breakfast crowd. Available on the breakfast menu are the traditional egg dishes, and they also carry pancakes, crepes and waffles. Ms. Mary is a trained chef and teaches her culinary skills at the local college. She does a fantastic job of meeting everyone’s hunger needs at her new establishment.

Servers were cheerful, attentive and very helpful with the ordering experience. Prices were reasonable, food was delicious, and the place was squeaky clean. There is plenty of parking. You will enjoy the visit.

We Rated this Four DIVAS.
We Rated this Four DIVAS.