Julia at Leo's Coney Island in Warren, Michigan

Leo’s Coney Island in Warren, Michigan – REVIEW

Hello my Undercover Diva friends.  Hope you got out of the house this dreary, chilly weekend.  Suse, Gini and I found a great, inexpensive restaurant with wonderful service.  The place we visited is Leo’s Coney Island, in Warren, Michigan.

The Undercover Divas arrived and felt like we were at home, the atmosphere was so inviting.  We were greeted when we arrived and were told to sit anywhere we wanted.  Leo’s has lots of booths and tables, but the corner booth looked the best as we would be able to view the whole restaurant.  I saw customers, each called by their name, so right away we knew we picked a good place for dinner.

Julia at Leo's Coney Island in Warren, Michigan
Julia at Leo’s Coney Island in Warren, Michigan

As soon as we sat down, we were greeted by our waitress, Julia.  She asked what we wanted to drink and we gave her the order, but unfortunately they were out of one of our favorites, Vernors.  Julia got our drinks and asked us if we were ready to order.  Our order came out quickly, starting with salads for Gini and Suse.  Just a hint, the Greek dressing is amazing!!

Our dinners came in no time.  Suse got the Chicken Finger Wrap ($5.39), which arrived with lots of chicken bulging out of it.  It made me want her food for dinner.  Gini ordered the all you can eat seafood plate, which was a Friday special, listed on the front board when we came in.  It is always $9.99, but “all-you-can-eat” only as a Friday special.   Her cod was so inviting and steaming hot, the aroma was delicious.  She subbed a baked potato instead of the fries, and they were fine with substitutions.

Strawberry Pancakes at Leo's Coney Island
Strawberry Pancakes at Leo’s Coney Island

I was in the mood for strawberry pancakes ($4.99) and a side of scrambled eggs ($3.59).  It was a difficult choice as I saw so much I liked.  It was brought to the table and it looked so pretty.  The pancakes were folded in half with strawberries inside and out.

Seafood Plate and Chicken Wrap at Leo's Coney Island
Seafood Plate and Chicken Wrap at Leo’s Coney Island

Julia was very attentive and asked us if we had everything we needed.  We noticed they had a nice crowd, and fortunately we arrived before it was too packed.

The dessert menu was inviting.  Gini ordered Strawberry Cheesecake and Suse asked for the (Sanders) Hot Fudge Cream Puff.  I decided to take a taste of each.  I loved them both, the cheesecake was very smooth and the hot fudge cream puff was, well I need to choose another word since my first thought was not proper.  It was amazing.

Strawberry Cheesecake and Sander's Cream Puff Hot Fudge
Strawberry Cheesecake and Sander’s Cream Puff Hot Fudge

What I loved most about this restaurant (in addition to the food) was the friendly staff.  The menu included breakfast, egg specials, omelettes, and it wouldn’t be a Coney Island without the great Coney Dog.  Wednesday is Coney Day with the Coney Dog for .99 cents.   Greek specials included my favorite, the Saganaki “Opa.”  Pitas are always a good choice along with the burgers and sandwiches.  For the health conscious, there are Healthy Alternatives on the menu.  They included the Garden Burger, Tuna Platter, and the amazing Michigan salad.  Leo’s Coney Islandis family-friendly, with a great children’s menu.

I know you are saying that a Coney Island is a Coney Island, but the service, the freshness of the food and the way it is presented to you, and the cleanliness and friendliness of the place makes Leo’s Coney Island your place to go.  There is plenty of parking, especially at the door.  They are located at 15198 E. 13 Mile Rd.(at Hayes) in Warren Michigan.

We Rated this Four DIVAS
We Rated this Four DIVAS