El Charro's Beef Burritos

El Charro’s Mexican Restaurant, Fraser, MI, Review

El Charro’s Mexican Restaurant, Fraser, MI, Review

We were looking for something different, something Mexican, so The Undercover Divas took a ride on 14 Mile Rd. to El Charro’s, in downtown Fraser.   The place looks great and seems to be very clean, with a nice atmosphere, and the larger dining room of the two has a lovely fireplace.   We were seated by the manager in the first dining room but found it to be boring and uncomfortable, so we moved to the second, which had a much friendlier atmosphere.  We were given the “evil eye” by this manager a few times for moving.  Our waitress, Angela, treated us very well in our new location and was always very accommodating during the meal.  We noticed an outdoor patio for summer dining and wished it was just a little warmer outside.  The bar area also has booths and large fish tanks.

El Charro’s Mexican Restaurant in Fraser, MI

After we were seated, the waitress brought over chips and salsa. Chips seemed stale and salsa was unappetizing, so we just passed on it and waited for our dinners.  El Charro’s is known for their soft shelled “puffy” taco, that’s soft and chewy, without being doughy.  Annod said hers were delicious as she had a combination plate of these.  They come in ground beef, chicken and beans. That was worth the trip.  Suse had the Botana, and was surprised at how small they have become since the last time she visited El Charro’s.  I had the burrito dinner, with three ground beef burritos.  It wasn’t anything spectacular.

El Charro's Beef Burritos
El Charro’s Beef Burritos


El Charro's Botana
El Charro’s Botana

Be careful when ordering, everything seems to be an added price.  Sour cream and guacamole (which was very good) was an expensive choice.

There was a time when this place was far above average, but not anymore.  The food seems bland, portions are smaller and the ingredients are not the same quality as in the past. The food is more tex mex than it is Mexican.  If you crave the more authentic Mexican food, watch for our review (coming soon) of Mexican town, near Downtown Detroit, for the “real stuff”.

EL Charro's Puffy Tacos
EL Charro’s Puffy Tacos

Prices were too high.  Food was OK but boring, portions keep getting smaller, waitress was friendly and helpful, but overall it wasn’t anything to write home about.  The one thing that saved this visit was the “Puffy Taco”.

We rated this three DIVAS.
We rated this three DIVAS.