MotorCity Casino

MotorCity Casino and Hotel, Downtown Detroit – REVIEW

The Undercover Divas love MotorCity, located in the heart of Detroit. We love the casino, we love the hotel, and so do many others. The place is always packed. Let’s start with the parking. When it first opened, the free, parking structure was safe and the way to go. Not any more. If you want to guarantee that you and your car will be safe, use the valet parking.

MotorCity Casino
MotorCity Hotel and Casino
MotorCity Valet Entrance
MotorCity Valet for Casino

The outside look of MotorCity is amazing, especially at night. It lights up the whole city with lots of colorful neon. The building was once the home of the Wagner Baking Company. Built in 1915, it was the home of Wonder Bread. Unfortunately, they closed their doors and left the building vacant for fourteen years until the casino opened in 1999. It is located on Grand River, off the Lodge Freeway and also I-75, in Downtown Detroit.

Our Friend “Winning”

The first thing we noticed about the interior is the smoke. Morning, noon and night, the place is one big smoke cloud. We have been to many casinos, within Michigan, Las Vegas, and many other locations. We find MotorCity to be the darkest, smokiest casino we have visited. The turnover of the slot machines is quick, really quick.  That’s amazing since they have over 2,800 slot machines.  We find a few favorites, and weeks later… gone. It is also one of the busiest casinos. Even in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, it’s hard to find a seat at a slot machine. What works for us is to go early, before 10 am, smoke isn’t bad and not as crowded.

MotorCity Valet Entrance
Antique Automobile at Valet Entrance
MotorCity Restored Truck
Antique Truck in Food Court

We love mini weekends at the hotel. Security is tight at the elevators. If you don’t have a room key, you are turned away. But let’s start with check-in. Unless you are checking in or out at an off time, prepare to wait. This could be fixed by having more than one person behind the counter. The rooms we have stayed in were never as clean as the other casino hotels, but were good enough. The bath area was really nice and spacious. We tried room service, and enjoyed the experience. Food came in record time and was very tasty.

MotorCity Buffet
Assembly Line Buffet
MotorCity Assy.Line
Assembly Line Buffet

MotorCity has an excellent food court. The Assembly Line buffet is wonderful. Make sure you swipe your players card when you pay at the entrance, it gives you a discount.

They have a wide array of foods that will take you on a culinary tour of the world. You can indulge in everything from sliced turkey, specialty meats, sushi and salads, several soups and muffins, an Italian station with pizzas and pastas, a seafood counter, fried foods, BBQ foods and more. Adventurous eaters will find plenty to keep them satisfied.

Theme Night
Theme Night at The Assembly Line Buffet

The dinner buffet has a different theme each night.  Prices are much higher but many are fine with that as the lines are long.  If you hate lines as we do, go at lunch time. They close at 11 pm, so if you eat late, or really early, try the Lodge Diner, which is right next door.

Lodge Diner
The Lodge Diner
MotorCity Buffet
The Food Court

The Lodge Diner is one of the best. Their specials are good deals, and they excel at any type of comfort food you could possibly want. It’s also always open, 24/7/365.  If you sit at the counter, it’s like “Cheers,” everybody wants to know your name, and we loved it. There is a Little Caesars restaurant in the area, too, but it’s priced higher than the neighborhood Little Caesars. But then they own the place, Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Tigers, so it’s our contribution to the high salaries they have to pay for great players. We took most of the pictures for this post early in the morning, because of all the people that fill the place by noon.

Assembly Line Desserts
Dessert Selections at the Assembly Line Buffet

Detroit has three casinos: Greektown, MGM and MotorCity. We love all three, and for different reasons. MotorCity, by far, has the best food. Their Assembly Line Buffet can’t be topped by any casino we have ever visited, and that includes Las Vegas. The Lodge Diner is a close second at MotorCity.

MotorCity Checkin
Hotel Lobby Check-In

Sure, there are things we’d like improved at MotorCity. The staff at the hotel check-in, at the slots, and at the Assembly Line Buffet, all look unhappy to be there, and could use a course on how to deal with the public. (Kudos to the staff at the Lodge Diner, they were great!)  On our last visit to the Assembly Line Buffet, we sat in Jason’s section, he was a welcome change, he actually was helpful and friendly.  Very much unlike the hostess who seated us.  She would not let us pick a spot to sit.  We wanted a booth, she didn’t want us to have one.  When we stated our preference, she threw down our receipts on the table and said “make up your minds.”  We had, it was our only choice and since we were there when they opened, the place was still empty.

They could learn from the other two casinos in Detroit, where they are happy to have your business. One thing for sure, the friendliest people are gambling at MotorCity. Because we love the food, the people, the place, and the gaming areas, the DIVAS give MotorCity a four DIVA rating. Overall, we really enjoyed our experience and will be back again and again.

The Undercover Divas
We Rated MotorCity Four DIVAS